April 6, 2009

Like my first programming assignment 8 years ago, hello world!

Posted in Rambling at 11:11 pm by jenniec00ks

A few years ago, I lived in a kitchen-less dorm called Jester West which had an all-you-can-eat cafeteria affectionately called J2.  While I survived 6 long semesters of this “food,” it struck me during the summer months in 2006 that perhaps I should take advantage of my temporary summer apartment and learn to cook!  I considered myself a rather picky eater then; I was not quite accustomed to the taste of onion and garlic, unexposed to many wonderful vegetables, and truly could not stand black pepper or anything remotely spicy.

So I turned on the Food Network that summer, and have not turned it off since.  I’ve learned to love garlic as much as Rachael, put together pastas as effortlessly as Giada, and appreciate fresh ingredients as much as Emeril – you’ll see influences of those 3 the most in my cooking.  While investigating my culinary talent, I also completed my bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering; therefore leaving me little time and money to cook.  Aside from an occasional weekend venture, most of my food can be made quickly, easily, and on a college student’s budget.  Also, I’ve found few recipes proportioned for 2 servings, so I often wound up with half a bell pepper or 2/3 a can of chicken broth leftover.  Engineers are just not ones for inefficiency, at least this one isn’t, so I’ve tried to group recipes in such a way that uses up all the ingredients in a traditional grocery store packaging.

So to begin, here’s a few yummy dishes that’ve remembered to photograph:

Mashed potato stuffed chicken breasts

Mashed potato stuffed chicken breasts

Saffron orzo with shrimp

Saffron orzo with shrimp

Veggie flat noodle

Veggie flat noodle





  1. omikun said,

    omg this is so yummy looking. *jealous*

  2. Roger Le said,

    You’re awesome Jennie! I’m gonna have to try these recipes sometime!

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