May 7, 2009

Vegetarian? No problem.

Posted in Rambling tagged at 8:39 pm by jenniec00ks

I just wanted to remind y’all that most of my recipes you can turn vegetarian, and I try to address that in each recipe.  If I forget, please holler in the comments!  Also, I started using “tags” I assume so that you guys can search for recipes/posts easier.  So I’ll start tagging anything that is or *can* be vegetarian as such.

And before I forget again, you can leave the shrimp out of last night’s Shrimp and Feta Penne and I assure you it will still be fantastic.  A extra infusion of flavor for those who don’t eat meat would be thickly sliced cremini mushrooms (even quartered would be okay!), added in just after the garlic has sizzled a bit.  I’d cook them for just a minute or two to brown them, and then add the wine and continue the recipe as usual.  You can go for chunky pieces because when they simmer in the wine and tomatoes, they’ll soften up.

Tonight I had enough leftovers so I didn’t need to cook, but I did need to use up the milk in the fridge so a receipe involving 2 cups of milk is coming up soon! 🙂


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