August 13, 2009

Basics: Dicing an onion

Posted in Basic Techniques tagged at 9:00 pm by jenniec00ks

prep-010Cut off the top and bottom of the onion.prep-011Make a shallow cut down the side.prep-013Peel the papery layer off the onion. If the layer underneath doesn’t look so good, then you can pull that too, but it’s not necessary.prep-016

Cut the onion in half and lets start dicing! We’re going to make several cuts in 3 different directions.prep-017Step 1. Leave the onion connected at the end farthest from the knife (the part where my fingers are holding the onion)prep-021Another view of the onion after step 1.prep-022Step 2. The cuts are horizontal, with the knife parallel to the cutting board. Keep your fingers out the way by pressing down on the top of onion.prep-030Finally, make the third cut and you’ve got nicely sized pieces 🙂prep-032Since they’re still connected at the edge, I give that extra piece a rough chop; holding the tip of the knife steady.


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  1. […] peel the onion (the steps before Step 1) and cut it into thin slices.  I chopped it just like in Step 1, but I […]

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