August 15, 2009

Basics: Roasted Red Bell Peppers

Posted in Basic Techniques tagged at 7:20 pm by jenniec00ks

I know you can get these in a jar, but for that extra special occasion, try roasting your own.  They’re truly amazing.  This is the broiler method, as I’ve never had a gas stove.  You can rinse the peppers if you’d like, but make sure they are completely dry before roasting them.

roastedredpepper 001Just put the whole pepper as close to the top heating element as possible without touching it.  I also rolled up some foil and stuck it in the doorway to keep the heating element on all the time.

roastedredpepper 002Each side only takes 1-2 minutes to blacken, so I’d stay near the broiler.  Use tongs to rotate the peppers approximately a quarter turn to blacken all sides.

roastedredpepper 003When they’re fully blackened, put them in a paper sack.  Alternatively, you could put them in a bowl and put some plastic wrap on top.

roastedredpepper 004After about 15 minutes, they should be cool enough to handle.  The left one above could be a little more blackened.  Just pull on the skin and it should slip right off.

roastedredpepper 005

That’ll make them nice and pliable to slice right up.  =)  Enjoy!



  1. […] starting with 2 fresh red bell peppers that have been blistered under a broiler, peeled, and sliced which you can replicate for special occasions.  The whole process only takes maybe 10 minutes plus […]

  2. Dan said,

    I use this method too for skinning my peppers. I have a gas stove but using the broiler is easier IMO.

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