Intro to my food!

The point of this blog is to share recipes that I’ve tried at home. I’ll post the recipe, where I got it from, any modifications I made of it, pictures I take while I’m cooking it, how it came out, and what I’ll (or hopefully, you’ll) do differently. As an engineer, I try to do things efficiently, including in the kitchen. For instance, it’s far easier to feed a crowd with lasagna than with meatballs, but they can be equally tasty. I try to explore how to cook for multiple meals (what will taste good reheated?) and if you’re cooking for only 1 or 2, how to make sure you don’t end the week with a half container of ricotta and 2/3 of a bell pepper.

I want to inspire others to try cooking when they’re feeling stretched for cash, or when they’ve got a craving that restaurants just can’t satisfy. I’m looking for new recipes to try and improvements to be made on current ones. I hate doing dishes (who doesn’t?), so the recipe has to be absolutely delectable if it uses a lot of pots and pans (or I’ve recruited someone to do the dishes for me.) All comments are welcome 🙂

My current repetiore is made up of mostly Italian, American, and my Mama’s cooking. My mama cooks some resemblance American food twisted with Chinese and Guyanese influences (read about Guyana some other time). I’ve been interested in French food as of late, but haven’t gotten around to trying anything yet. And being from Texas I’ve tried a little Tex-Mex as well; so long as it’s flavorful and not too spicy or expensive, I’m game.


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